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Funny Display Pictures 2.0

Adds more than 40 funny pictures to your MSN Messenger's emoticons set
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"Funny Display Pictures" is an excellent program designed to let you share a laugh and enjoy chatting with your friends even more. This program integrates in your MSN Messenger 6 and 7, adding more than 40 funny pictures to your emoticons set. The program will help you express your feelings more colorfully by placing funny pictures and photos in your instant-messaging conversations. The program includes pictures (and drawings) of boys, girls, fruits, toys, babies, cats, dogs, other animals, and many funny characters. All these funny pictures will be placed in a separate folder on your desktop, so you can use them in any of your image-enabled applications.

The program is very basic, it has no options whatsoever. There is just this collection of funny pictures and nothing else. This somewhat limits the possible uses of the program: there it no way to use this collection of pictures in most applications it has not been designed for. This, for instance, renders "Funny Display Pictures" incompatible with Yahoo Messenger or most other instant messengers, since they do not usually support integrating any external pictures.

Marian Zaky
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  • No options of integration with other instant messengers
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